Friday, 29 July 2011

The BBC / Sky split of F1 broadcasting is a farce

As of this morning next year's Formula 1 broadcasts will be split between the BBC and Sky. I guess this will be kind of like when both the BBC and ITV show the World Cup final and we can basically choose our commentry team.

What's that you say? That's not the case at all? Really? So one of them will show one race weekend, and then the other will show the next race? That's shit! I don't want to pay for Sky just t.......I'm sorry what? They're not doing that either? Then, erm, okay you've got me, what other options are left then?

Sky will show Practice, Qualifying and all the Races, and then the BBC will show half of that as well, thus successfully canibalising thier own audience figures, and turning the BBC into little more than a glorified advert for Sky Sports. Surely that's got to be breaking their customer charter. Christ, it's practically a concious attempt to be as deliberately insulting to the fans as is humanly possible.

Just to clarify, I'm obviously an F1 fan. I couldn't care less about other sports, and I sure as hell don't need to watch a few over paid prima donnas being cheered on by the barely literate in the Pampers Premiership. So why the hell would I want a contract to pay in excess of £30 a month to watch an average of 2 hours of F1, for 9 months a year? I didn't walk into anywhere near enough glass doors as a kid to think that's a good idea.

Apparently though, this glorious display of intellect makes great commercial sense. Presumably that's defined by the fact that once we've all finished channel hopping to find the damn thing, made ourselves comfortable, and left ourselves a voicemail for James Murdoch to thank him personally for the broadcast, then for half the season we'll also get to be interrupted with commercials throughout the race, and pay for the privelege.

Finally according to Sky this is "fantastic news for F1 fans". Really? Where the hell did you find one dumb enough to say that?

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