About Me

Hello web surfing internet person!

This is a blog. There is no theme to this blog. I understand the blogs that do have themes tend to be more popular. That would make sense really. But I'm still not going to give myself a theme for this blog.

You'll find random reviews, more than a little ranting about things, and occasionally I'll put things into lists. That's not because I especially like lists, but it really does make it feel like you're making progress somewhere when you're writing one.

I realise that this page is titled 'About Me', which is a subject I've largely ignore here. That's mostly as we have things like Facebook and Twitter for that (my Twitter account's linked from here already for the more committed stalkers amongst you). If you really do find yourself needing some adjectives though, try these: Tall, geek, male, accidental traveller, ranty, mecca for the unhinged, and virtually incapable of noticing small people once they come within 2 meters.