Thursday, 25 June 2009

The real thing

To say its been a while is a little like saying Jupiter is bigger than a duck. But rather than apologise I'll ignore that, use the preceding as a literary reference test, and stroll on in the general direction of the point.

The other week while unconsciously drooling on a night bus at 'it's light already o'clock' I had the pleasure of a younger, more arrogant guy deciding that it was time for a chat. 15 or so tedious minutes later, which saw me painfully having to reduce myself to relating to such gems as "I reckon I could get her into bed" and it was time to go. But not before I'd learnt been reminded of something. You see junior decided to show off and tell me he was a club promoter, and so spent his entire life chatting to beautiful women (in fairness telling him I worked in IT did pretty much leave the door wide open). A few vomiting inducing minutes later and it became more and more apparent that what slick actually meant was; I spend my nights giving out flyers in Leicester square, and irritating passers by. Now, to put this in perspective that's a little like me saying I'm Jesus, when in fact I just have long hair and forgot to shave for a few weeks.

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