Friday, 18 July 2008

Hug a hoodie, just mind the knife

Apparently we’re not allowed to use the word ‘Chav’ as, according to a bunch of cotton wool, bubble wrapped Guardian readers, it’s offensive to those people described by it.

No shit Sherlock. Did we all wake up and have a bowl of stupid for breakfast this morning? Now, I hate to ruin your little bleeding heart peace and love parade; but that my friends, is what is referred to as “The Point”. Yes, Chav is an offensive word. It’s an offensive word because the people it’s attributed to are little more than an excuse to poor gallon after gallon of chlorine into the gene pool. The only problem any reasonable person should have with the word ‘Chav’, is that it’s just not offensive enough. Hence why I’ll generally suffix it with the additional word ‘Scum’. Thus giving myself the double-whammy of leftist baiting horror that is “Chav-Scum”. This, as anyone who wasn’t educated by a naturist tree-hugger will tell you, pretty much covers it nicely. Now if you could all go back to your vegetarian support groups and leave the rest of us to try and get home without getting stabbed we’d all be grateful

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